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Ranger Creek, WA.

Ranger Creek (21W) is a 2,900ft long mountain airfield which is located around 20 miles northeast of Mount Rainier in Washington State. It is quite unusual in as much as it has a paved runway and, for a mountain airport, it is not far from civilisation (Seattle is only 40 miles away). It provides a [...]

Davis Airport (6S4), Gates, OR.

Flew into Davis today. Looked ok from the air, with a Piper Aztec sitting next to the hangar. Noticed on very short final that the Aztec was derelict and the ‘turf in good condition’ was in fact a rough field with uncut grass. Oh well, it was a fun approach!

McKenzie Bridge (00S)

Tuesday 30th June, 2009 Our next destination for a camping trip was McKenzie Bridge (00S), a small grass airfield 43 miles to the east of Eugene in the foothills of the Sisters Mountains. This is another of the Oregon Department of Aviation’s Warning Airports, here is what they have to say about the place….. McKenzie [...]