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The Three Sisters in July

During a return flight from Redmond, located on the eastern side of the Cascade Mountain Range, to Florence we had the opportunity to fly next to the Three Sister Mountains. This is a regular route for us to fly but on this day the conditions were right to get a close look and to take [...]

Lands Inn Ranch, OR.

During our trip to the Alvord Desert the other week we had planned on ending up at the private airfield at Lands Inn Ranch (49OR), near Kimberley, OR., after a fuel stop at Burns Municipal (KBNO). Unfortunately the weather decided to play its hand and so we had to cancel our visit due to numerous [...]

Sisters Mountains, OR.

We flew by the Sisters Mountains today on our return from the Alvord Desert. The air was smooth, although there was a 15 knot from the east, so it was a perfect time to get some pictures of the mountains. The town of Bend, in the far background can be seen (left to right) Three [...]

McKenzie Bridge (00S)

Tuesday 30th June, 2009 Our next destination for a camping trip was McKenzie Bridge (00S), a small grass airfield 43 miles to the east of Eugene in the foothills of the Sisters Mountains. This is another of the Oregon Department of Aviation’s Warning Airports, here is what they have to say about the place….. McKenzie [...]