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The Three Sisters in July

During a return flight from Redmond, located on the eastern side of the Cascade Mountain Range, to Florence we had the opportunity to fly next to the Three Sister Mountains. This is a regular route for us to fly but on this day the conditions were right to get a close look and to take [...]

North Cascades, WA.

The weather on our 2nd day at Concrete was a bit disappointing with cloud cover over most of the Northern Cascades so we put off our scenic flight until the 3rd day which looked fractionly better in this NOAA forecast…. A WEAK UPPER TROUGH WILL MOVE OVER WESTERN WASHINGTON TODAY AND TONIGHT…BRINGING MID AND HIGH [...]

Concrete, WA.

For our next trip we decided on visiting the small airport at Concrete, WA. which is about 70 miles north of Seattle, the plan was to get a close look at the west side of the Northern Cascade Mountains and Concrete seemed an ideal place to fly from while doing this. We had planned to [...]

Ranger Creek, WA.

Ranger Creek (21W) is a 2,900ft long mountain airfield which is located around 20 miles northeast of Mount Rainier in Washington State. It is quite unusual in as much as it has a paved runway and, for a mountain airport, it is not far from civilisation (Seattle is only 40 miles away). It provides a [...]

Return to Joseph, OR.

After fitting a new engine to Tango Charlie and suffering a couple of weeks of pretty awful weather on the Pacific Northwest coast we were in need of a flying trip somewhere. The new engine was requiring some long trips at high power so that its new components, and most importantly the piston rings, were [...]

Lands Inn Ranch, OR.

During our trip to the Alvord Desert the other week we had planned on ending up at the private airfield at Lands Inn Ranch (49OR), near Kimberley, OR., after a fuel stop at Burns Municipal (KBNO). Unfortunately the weather decided to play its hand and so we had to cancel our visit due to numerous [...]