The Three Sisters in July

By admin on July 14, 2012

During a return flight from Redmond, located on the eastern side of the Cascade Mountain Range, to Florence we had the opportunity to fly next to the Three Sister Mountains. This is a regular route for us to fly but on this day the conditions were right to get a close look and to take some pictures of their fantastic landscape. Over the last couple of weeks since our last visit the snow melt has really got underway leaving the mountains more exposed and their snow stained by eroded dirt.

As with most of the peaks in the Cascade Range the Three Sisters are actually volcanos which last erupted over 2,000 years ago. They are surrounded by numerous cinder cones and lava flows which are very visible both on the ground and in the air. There is a potential for them to become active once again and monitoring is carried out, in the form of measuring the distance between their peaks, in the hope of detecting any danger of this happening.

South Sister (Charity or Big Sister) at 10,358 ft. high it is the highest of the mountains and is the hightest point in Lane County. It is a frequently climbed glaciated peak which is home to Oregon’s highest lake, Teardrop Pool, situated on the mountain’s summit.

South Sister Summit. South Sister is home to 8 glaciers, including Oregon’s largest which is called Prouty Glacier.

Middle Sister (Hope or Little Sister) is 10,047 ft. high.

North Sister (Faith or Ugly Sister) is 10,085 ft. high.

North Sister Summit.

North Sister’s Northern foothills. The picture shows how large trees do not grow past a certain point, the environment at higher levels being too harsh for anything but smaller plants to survive.

Little Brother, which 7,810 ft. high, can be seen behind the northern foothills of North Sister.

The Husband,which is 7,524 ft. high, sits a few miles to the west side of the Three Sisters.

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