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Prospect & Powers, OR.

After a few days at Illinois Valley the daytime temperatures were rising up into the mid 90′s and it was time to get back to the cool air of the coast. We got up early and packed Tango Charlie with all the camping gear, it was yet another cool sunny morning so we decided to [...]

Illinois Valley, OR.

One area of Oregon we had not spent much time looking around was that of the very far south of the State around the large town of Ashland on the northern border of California. It’s usually hot down that way in the summer and our preferred method of accomodation during our trips away, which involves [...]

West Yellowstone – Day 3.

After setting up camp at West Yellowstone Airport we had breakfast at the restaurant in the airport terminal, the Smokejumper Cafe, and arranged a hire car from Avis so that we could visit the Park. During the busy months it’s well worth booking a car in advance as although there are three rental outfits at [...]

West Yellowstone – Day 2.

We departed Nampa at the crack of dawn. Heavy showers were predicted over the West and South of Idaho during mid morning and temperatures were to climb to 90°F which created the threat of thunderstorms, we were keen to get started on the 3 hour leg to our final destination, West Yellowstone in Montana. The [...]