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Alvord Desert, OR.

Our planned trip to the Alvord Desert, a dry lake bed in the middle of Eastern Oregon, got off to a bad start due to fog in the morning. It wasn’t until 10:30am that it had cleared sufficiently for us to take-off and head eastwards to the Willamette Valley and over the Cascade Mountains beyond. [...]

Sisters Mountains, OR.

We flew by the Sisters Mountains today on our return from the Alvord Desert. The air was smooth, although there was a 15 knot from the east, so it was a perfect time to get some pictures of the mountains. The town of Bend, in the far background can be seen (left to right) Three [...]

NWAAC Fly-In And Joseph, OR.

August 20th saw the first day of the Northwest Antique Aircraft Club’s (NWAAC) fly-in at Pearson Airport near Vancouver, WA. We decided, after enjoying last years event, to fly in, camp the night and then continue onto the town of Joseph which is located in the northeast corner of Oregon. The weather here on the [...]

Foggy Siuslaw River

Having changed Tango Charlie’s oil and oil filter, and checked the oil screen for large chunks of metal it was time to give the Cessna a local test flight to check everything was ok. It started off very foggy but by mid morning the fog had cleared from the airport and had receded up the [...]